What is BrowserX?

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BrowserX (Browser Cross)

    • Update Feb 2018 - The core part of this BrowserX is being sunset in the next release (March 2018) and we are only leaving in the mail merge and email buttons. The reason being that this aspect of the system is not used enough.

This is the replacement for the IE toolbar. The IE toolbar is scheduled to be retired due to the fact that development on IE has now been cancelled by Microsoft.

This system is the MobileX UI available from within the CRM screen. This enables quick navigation of CRM data as well as client side mail merge.


When viewing an entity you can click on the summary title and the system will open that entity in the main CRM window.

You can also easily log phone calls and pings.

Think of it like a remote control for CRM. To open and close you click the bottom right purple dot.

Part of the 4.5.3 Accelerator-released 31 Jan 2017

The files for this are installed in the "...\WWWRoot\js\custom" folder


 C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM\WWWRoot\js\custom

There are 2 files


CRM's app pool (or IIS) must be restarted for these to be used and downloaded