AC Plus Overview

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What is Accelerator+?

Accelerator+ is designed to address the issue around "concurrent" users in Sage CRM, who want to use our Outlook Integration.

Concurrent licenses in Sage CRM are designed for intermittent use of Sage CRM but people do not use Outlook in the same way. Most users will be in email all of the time and expect connection to Sage CRM to be automatic. Accelerator licenses are always named.

With Accelerator Pro and a Sage CRM concurrent license we cannot guarantee that they will be able to log on and so this would provide a sub-optimal user experience. To circumvent this, we created Accelerator+ which has its own "user" and can be mapped to a CRM user or resource so the data is stored correctly. There are some differences around behaviour as below.

What you need to know

Features in Accelerator+ that are not supported in Pro

  • Edit entity - ability to edit an entity

Features in Accelerator Pro that are not supported in +

  • Calendar/Appointment links
  • Dedupe (this will be supported in a future release)
  • CRM Links - as the user is not a CRM user these links are not possible
  • CRM's Territory restrictions are not respected in +.
  • Browser buttons and mail merge are not supported
  • You may need to alter any custom pages added to cope with the AC Plus Token (there is no CRM SID)

The same entity tabgroups are used but only files matching the format '*_acplus*' will show for ACPlus users. This allows you to have a different experience and code AC Pro and AC Plus specific pages as they use different Auth methods.

This also applies to the "acdashboard" system tab group used to customise the Home Dashboard



  • Sage CRM Self-Service License
  • Accelerator or later

User Admin

A tab will show in the CRM Together Administration area for Accelerator+ users

There are more options here

image here....

User passwords can only be reset from here and users themselves cannot update their own passwords.


With Accelerator Pro and MobileX we ship a single test license for demo purposes only. The same applies for Accelerator+.

Please note Accelerator+ is priced differently, visit to request details