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Here at CRM Together we pride ourselves on producing innovative software always pushing the boundaries to deliver the most up to date and relevant software for our partners and customers.

Our software is always created with ease of use as the primary objective helping your CRM projects succeed and thrive. CRM Together was founded in 2008 by Marc Reidy. Marc worked on the original Sage CRM core product(back then it was called "eWare") from 1999 to 2004. From 2005 he provided consultancy services for Sage CRM before establishing CRM Together.

CRM Together provide the only development tool for Sage CRM that allows you to visually create custom pages and self-service portals using ASP.Net.

We are the only company to provide Sage Partners with a tool to integrate with client-side applications be they be-spoke or main-stream. Our Accelerator platform puts CRM at the heart of the enterprise.

Our 'Crystal Manager for Sage CRM' brings one-click reports to CRM giving your users seemless access to the data they need.

'Task Manager for Sage CRM' allows you to fully automate system processes removing a reliance on staff and ensuring that all customers recieve the same quality service.

'Social CRM' integrates Sage CRM with SocialCast allowing you to follow your colleagues activity in CRM from your Desktop, iPhone, Outlook and other devices.