Install Outlook365 Client

From Accelerator for SageCRM

The Office 365 manifest install uses the URL

AC Pro Version 5.2

 Office365 Manifest AC 5.2
    • Note (9 Nov 23) Microsoft have removed the option to add from a url and so you have to save the manifest and add as a file. In 2024 we will have the app on the app store removing the need for all this.


See also

to load in the application. This can be installed per-user or via the admin area and users are given access as required. This is done via the 365 interface.

Open and you will be able to add this in

Check out Microsofts latest documentation to see how to do this.

Watch here

to see how a single user can do this on a mail box.

Differences with our add-in and the Office 365 one

Features not supported

-Explorer (Options menu)

  • Add Tag
  • Reply and Tag
  • New Email
  • New Appointment

-Compose (email)

  • Neither send and save buttons are available

Also Note that Outlook on Mobile/Smart phones is not supported


To keep the task pane open Pin the task pane (otherwise when you change email it will close)

Ideal Configuration

We recommend editing your Outlook settings so the Accelerator button is visible in the toolbar.

1. Go to the Settings gear (1)

2. Click on View all Outlook settings (2)

3. Choose Customize actions

4. Check the Accelerator in the Message surface (located in the Customise actions section) by clicking the check mark next to it.