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The config tab presents a way to test and configure the Accelerator Pro/Plus and MobileX Applications.

1. Click the tab 2. Configuration Menu 3. Configureation Area

You also now do not need outlook to configure and test the Accelerator

1. Click the tab

2. Test your Accelarator Configuration

3. Click "select" beside the email and watch the Accelerator react

You can hide certain panels on the My CRM screen (titled either 'Accelerator' or 'CRM Together')

The default values are N. Change to Y to hide the full panel

   <add key="HideEndUserPanel" value="N" />

or section.

   <add key="HideMobileXDownload" value="N" />
   <add key="HideMailMergeDownload" value="N" />
   <add key="HideACPlusDownload" value="N" />