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The entity options menu is available on the top right of the screen.

  • Focus

Clicking this stops the change event from happening when you change and email with the task pane. You will know this is checked as the top area will be blue.

  • New Task

This opens a dialog where you can create a new task in CRM.

Customising-see communicationofficeintnew below

  • Add Tag

This adds a tag to the selected email body. The menu header area goes yellow when there is a tag.

  • Reply and Tag

This opens a new email replay window in outlook with a tag in it based on the current context in the task pane

  • New Email

This opens a new email window in outlook with a tag in it based on the current context in the task pane. The subject is set to the an entity field and the tab is applied.

  • New Appointment

This opens a new appointment window in outlook with a tag to insert the record into CRM and also to tag against the entity it is on.

Extending the options menu

  • Requires 5.1 or later

To extend this menu you must create a file called "_custom.json" and add in data like the screen shot below:

Sample text with one option:

 "getscreensetup": {

"options": [{ "name": "mailto", "caption": "mail to", "color": "red", "icon": "mdi-calendar", "enabledContext": "explorer", "enabled": true, "action": "mailto:#emailaddress#?subject=Mail from Our Site #entitytag#&body=#entityName#_#entityName2#_#entityName3#" }


Only these hash# values are supported and merged:


Log into AC again or restart outlook to see the changes


Customising the New Task screen

By default the new task screen only displays the fields

 a. comm_datetime
 b. comm_action
 c. comm_status
 d. comm_subject
 e. comm_note

These values are hardcoded and used when the screen


does not exist. To control what fields are on the screen you should create the CRM screen "communicationofficeintnew" and add in the fields... EG

and this would appear as