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Tagging emails allows us to associate emails with something other than the person,company or lead (matched on email address).

Normally matching works as per https://accelerator.crmtogether.com/index.php?title=Email_Matching

Please review this video for a complete explanation on the power of tagging with Accelerator https://vimeo.com/869527759

Optional way of customising the tagging so different companies with Accelerator don't clash on tags.


Update the web.config setting with a prefix and suffix separated by a comma


     <add key="tagPrefixSuffix" value="Ref:#,#" />


     <add key="tagPrefixSuffix" value="Ref:(,)" />

Notifications and tagging

If you wish to put the tags on notification emails then you need to use the code map as follows

 So for Opportunityid = 14782 
 The code would be 
 And unencoded 
  1. cmli_comm_personid# in CRM templates/notifications actually give you the person name but we want the value. To get the value you must edit the view and alias the field

So to code for a person you would set it up as follows (assuming your tags use Ref:[…] structure)


How to add a custom field as the tag (in this example we create a field on opportunity called 'oppo_projectno')

Set up the subject fields with the new field

 <add key="opportunity_subjectfields" value="Opportunity,oppo_projectno" />

These fields should contain unique values

Tell the system not to code the tag

 <add key="opportunity_codetag" value="false" />

The data comes from the view here

 <add key="opportunity_summaryview" value="vCRMTogetherOpportunity" />

You can change this to us “vsummaryopportunity”. The reason we use “vCRMTogetherOpportunity” is because it returns less data and so is quicker. You could also opt to update vCRMTogetherOpportunity to include the “oppo_projectno” field (but when you update Accelerator and re-apply the metadata you must remember to apply your update again.

 <add key="opportunity_summaryview" value="vsummaryopportunity" />