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The system will automatically assign a license (assuming one is available) to a Sage CRM user when they connect from one of the Toolbar controls.

Manual User Management

  1. To manage the Accelerator users click on the "User management" tab.
  2. There is a button on the right hand side of the screen called "Add Accelerator User"
  3. Click on this button.
  4. Select a User from user select
  5. Click "Save"
  6. The Accelerator users are listed.
  7. When the license number has been exceeded the "Add Accelerator User" button no longer appears.
  8. Users can be deleted from the Accelerator user list by clicking the "Delete Accelerator User" link in the grid.
  • CRM Users must have web-service access set to True in CRM for the outlook integration

Concurrent users

Update 30 Aug 2018

According to Sage, users logged on to the CRM Webservice do not count as an extra user. see

Logging off concurrent users If concurrent user sessions are not killed then they will stay there and take up a license.

To add in a Log off button to Outlook open the CRM server we.config file and go to the "CustomButtonsOutlook" node. Add in the button by uncommenting the button item


     <add Name="Logoff" Type="process" File="AcceleratorLogoff.exe" Text="Log Off" Alt="Log Off" Image="cases" />

Download the AcceleratorLogoff.exe file from

and save this to the CRM server folder "custompages/SageCRMWS"

When users restart outlook they should see the new button


Active Directory Integration

Sage's own web-services do NOT use the active directory logon information/authentication.

As Accelerator uses the CRM web services API to log on to CRM and get a valid session for the user you have to maintain and use the password stored in CRM (and not the users Active directory password).