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Emails can be filed in a number of ways

The most common is the button on the Main ribbon


  • This files against the email that matches the address or tag. If there is no tag and multiple emails are matched the system will prompt you.


  • You can edit certain fields before filing. This option is disabled by default, and can be enabled in settings by selecting File using Custom Fields


Second is the option to file an email against a selected entity


  • This is especially useful where you want to file an email against an entity where the email does not match and there is no tag

Some File Email Options - Settings->Integrated Access

  • To turn off the Save prompt uncheck the Email Save Prompt checkbox - the system will just file the email based on the match
  • Save on sent - This saves the record once it has been sent - this is useful with the Email Save file option checked in that it will save the sent version of the email



Send and File


This will send and file the email to the first match for the tag or email address

  • Cannot see communications

All emails are filed as "Complete".

Please ensure that your filter on the Communication list screen has the correct setting

(the default is "Pending"

Comms pending.png

so you may not see any emails filed until you change this)

Comms complete.png