IE Mail Merge

From Accelerator Classic

Note: In some versions of IE "Protected Mode" must be turned off for the following functionality to work.

When viewing an entity we may want to create a mail merge document quickly and record it.

Now this is quick and easy.

Viewing an entity we select the "Mail Merge" drop down button.

This displays a number of options.


   *Mail Merge
   *Mail Merge PDF
   *Email Document
   *Email Mail Merge Attachment
   *Print Document
   *Download Merge Data
  • "Mail Merge" opens the document and allows editing before processing.
  • "Mail Merge PDF" completes a mail merge and presents the user with a PDF.
  • "Email Document" immediately process without the option to edit opening an email and embedding the document
  • "Email Mail Merge Attachment" completes the mail merge and opens an email attaching a PDF of the merged document
  • "print" immediately print without the option to edit.
  • "Download Merge Data" allows you to save the data from a view to use when building a new Mail Merge document

For our example we will use option 1.

Select this option "Mail Merge" and you are prompted to use a global template or a local template


If you select Global Template you are presented with a form to select the template from


Double click on a grid item to select that as the template.

Note: If you select Local template you get a file open dialog to select the template on your machine. It is recommended to always use CRM templates.

Word will now open and complete the mail merge. Update the document and process it.

Close the document file. (This is required for the next step).

The user will be prompted for a note.


Fill in the details and click "OK".

A new communication record will be recorded in Sage CRM and the document will be uploaded and attached to the communication.


Setting up a mail merge document

Within CRM Select a record from the entity you wish to use

From the IE menu select


In the prompt put in the name of the SQL view you are going to use and click ok.

The system will prompt you to save a file "MailMerge.dat". Save this on your local system.

Use this file then to create your mail merge document (use it as the datasource)

One you have the document finished you upload it into CRM and set the "Accelerator custom Mail Merge view name" to be the name of that view you used to create the dat file.

Accel view.png

Click Save.

Now once you mail merge the system will use that view to create the mail merge data.

Please note that if a user clicks "Save As..." and saves the file to another location then that file will NOT be uploaded as the system cannot track this.#

You must click "Save" on the current location.