AC Plus Client Install

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This page covers the Office 365 install and the Windows Outlook Client Install we provide to host the app.

Office 365 ***

The Office 365 manifest install uses the URL

AC Plus

 Office365 Manifest AC Plus
    • Note (9 Nov 23) Microsoft have removed the option to add from a url and so you have to save the manifest and add as a file. In 2024 we will have the app on the app store removing the need for all this.


See also

to load in the application. This can be installed per-user or via the admin area and users are given access as required. This is done via the 365 interface.

Open and you will be able to add this in

Check out Microsofts latest documentation to see how to do this.

Watch here

to see how a single user can do this on a mail box.

Windows Outlook Client Install ***


First click here to download the Accelerator Plus Outlook Classic Add-in


1. Close Outlook.

2. Run the application install you downloaded (double click on it). Do NOT run the installer as administrator

3. Follow the wizard instructions

4. Open Outlook and click "Allow" on any prompts that appear (usually 2).

  You will now see the CRM Together section in the Outlook Ribbon.