AC Plus Client Install

From Accelerator for SageCRM

Windows Outlook Classic Client Install


First click here to download the Accelerator Plus Outlook Classic Add-in


Please NOTE that if you are moving from the CLASSIC UI you must uninstall the old outlook client and install the new one.

1. Close Outlook.

2. Run the application install you downloaded (double click on it). Do NOT run the installer as administrator

3. Follow the wizard instructions

4. Open Outlook and click "Allow" on any prompts that appear (usually 2).

  You will now see the CRM Together section in the Outlook Ribbon. 

Office 365 Client Install

  • Note: Do not install the Outlook Classic add in and the Office 365 Install on the same Account. Only one should be used.

The Office365 manifest is at


for details on how to Install the client making sure to use the AC Plus manifest link instead.

Differences with our add-in and Office 365

Features not supported

-Explorer (Options menu)

  • Add Tag
  • Reply and Tag
  • New Email
  • New Appointment

-Compose (email)

  • Neither send and save buttons are available