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Details of releases

For new UI release details see - 23 August 2021

  • Mail Merge app update that copes better with quote/order documents - version is
  • Server Installer now sets the ASP Maximum Request Entty Body Limit to 2147483647 - 9 August 2021

  • Download and install required of SageCRMAccelerator_Setup5004RCx to apply these updates
  • Fix: Mail merge fix for when SSA lookup fails - fallback is to provide raw data
  • Fix for showing company oppos/cases when you have an individual (a person with no company) and you view those lists
  • Fix for bug introduced where new case/oppo description and details were not set from email
  • Some images were not being parsed from emails correctly if they had an ampersand in the name

  • Download and install required of SageCRMAccelerator_Setup5003RC1 to apply these updates
    • Fix for classic client 404 issues when coded path not set - 15 March 2021

  • Sage CRM 2021 support
  • Removed some of the message boxes that popped up when someone opened outlook before going on a VPN
  • (Classic client) Fix for bug introduced in Jan 2020 where the comm_note data was having new line and tab characters removed.
  • Emails now saved with "Email" as type and not "Task".
  • New Client introduced in beta mode.
 Download must be turned on via the web.config to be seen. 
   <add key="ShowNewUIDownload" value="N"/>
 Change the vlaue to Y to turn on
  • New client - Support for non SSL sites. Users must change the "Client App Url" to be something like
 Replace "localhost" with the name of your server
 The "Client App Url" setting is available via the "CRM Together" ribbon -> Settings dialog. 
 Set the value replacing
 with your value as per the note above. 
 Click the "Set URL" button and restart outlook.
 Please note you must include the # in the url - 2 Nov 2020

  • Timezone handling re-written
  • Mail merge fix
  • Change: This change only affects you if you use the auto file tagged email option checked. If this is checked now only emails that you are on the TO line of will be filed.
  • Change: In previous releases we have required that " *Browser Session Security to be disabled". Now you can leave this on but this is based on the assumption that you log into CRM using your Default browser. Accelerator will now pick up the Normal SID and use that when opening external links. So users are required to have a live web browser session of CRM available for this to work. The installer no longer resets this value also.
  • Change: Removed old Sage 200 sql prompt from the installer
  • Change: Removed open in IE COM code. In the past when using IE the software could connect to IE via COM and navigate external links from your live CRM session. IE is not supported anymore and we cannot technically do the same with browsers like Firefox,Chrome, Edge and Opera and so a new tab is opened instead always in your default browser. 24th Sept 2020

  • Change:Taskpane for Webpicker now has its position persisted (if you move it)
  • Fix: Appts with apostrophe in subject breaking things
  • Change: select and territory fields in search grid now translated
  • Change:Company email matching improved
  • Change: Email search results quicker (only needed fields are returned now)
  • Change: Accelerator Version on download screen (in MyCRM)
  • Change: If email filed against oppo for someone who is in the linked company (but not the main contact on the oppo) then it is marked against that person.
  • Note: New field added in user table 'user_ct_fcmtoken' that will be used in MobileX for push notifications
  • Change: Phone subject is now editable
  • Change: Shared documents SQL changed - removed 'and entity is null' (29 June 2020)

  • Fix: Custom branding was broken with new images used
  • Fix: reduced some API calls that get the username (performance fix)
  • Fix: Rendering issue in task pane when opening new email with company only match
  • Improvement: improved how we get the library column name for filing documents against custom entities
  • Change: Option to have the system prompt for the users CRM login and password when outlook starts
 Setting in web.config - change value to "Y" to turn on (off by default) 
    <add key="AlwaysPromptUserForCredentials" value="N" />
  • Change: The outlook client will now install into the users appdata folder and no longer require admin rights to install this
 "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\CRM Together\OutlookAddIn"
  • Config option "useStrictEmailPersonMatching" is now also working against emails filed to companies. If this option is Y then option "SetCompanyPerson" is ignored (27 Mar 2020)

Filename: SageCRMAccelerator_Setup4750RC16.exe

  • UPDATE 30 Apr 2020 - server side bug fix for saving an email against an opportunity/case that had not person assigned

Filename: SageCRMAccelerator_Setup4750RC15.exe

  • See our changes reviewed on our vimeo channel
  • UPDATE 30 March 2020 2pm BST - SageCRMAccelerator_Setup4750RC15.exe with fix for new graphs
  • Sage CRM 2020 support
  • Support for Office 2013 removed
  • UI Change - settings and Connected checkbox moved to new Ribbon called "CRM Together"
  • UI Change - Icons and text changed
  • UI Change - Basic settings shown by default with advanced settings as another option
  • UX MAJOR Change - Outlooks send email button does not file to CRM by default (this is an option though - off by default)
  • UX Change - 2 new buttons which "do" prompt and "don't" prompt to Save to CRM and give the user more control
  • UX Change - Will file emails with no match now into CRM - Filed against the user
  • UX NEW - Accelerator tab now has filing stats
  • Removed default browser /IE option as now this is always default browser
  • Extra options added in against the email when filed to help tracking communication filing
1. Filed by - User that filed the email
2. Communication ID - the record id in CRM
3. Filed for - Company/person/description of the entity it has been filed for (20 Jan 2020)

  • RC3 - (27 Jan 2020) - Improved control character handing in emails
  • Persist Connected checkbox state on startup
  • Removed CRMTogetherTag from outlook email custom fields as not used
  • RespectTerritories config option is turned on by default
  • Removed some old IE toolbar settings from config file
  • New -options to show all company cases when viewing a person in that company
   <add key="cases_ShowCompanyListUnderPerson" value="Y" />
  • New - options to show all company opportunities when viewing a person in that company
   <add key="opportunities_ShowCompanyListUnderPerson" value="Y" />
  • GlobalDocumentsSQL sql filter updated to include 'and libr_filename not like '%.csv%'
  • History query fix - initial opening was not setting the time to be 00:00
  • (change) File email screen attachments now shows in its own tab
  • Outlook missing group icon fixed
  • Users can view their password from the settings area
  • Users can test their crm logon from the settings area
  • Better handling to detect if an email header has someones name as lastname, firstname
  • New setting - options to ignore company domain matches on emails SENT - Y is the default so this is a change in behaviour but you can set back to old behaviour
  <add key="ignoreCompany" value="N" />
  • If a user does not have permissions to save in a territory we improved the error displayed
  • (fix) Only the first email address/recipient name was being saved when filing an email
  • We no longer link to primary person if email address does not match them (when filing against non-person entities EG cases opportunities) - controlled by a setting so can be turned back as it was if needed
 <add key="useStrictEmailPersonMatching" value="Y" />
  • Extra caching added in to improve performance
  • Ordering on Accelerator user list now available on grid
  • Accelerator page now has instructions on installing the outlook client
  • Defaults changed (default browser and tag body) 2 Sept 2019

  • Sage CRM 2019 R2 support 20 June 2019

  • RC8 - 21 June 219 - minor change for tasks->CRM push. Outlook tasks with a start date have a time of 00:00 and CRM won't display this in the Tasks view. We add 1 minute to work around this.
  • RC5 - removed outlook version requirement stopping client install - warning only now
  • Removed legacy code for 2010 and less outlook clients
  • (fix) TotalIgnore setting not working in some instances
  • Removed legacy buttons from "add in" ribbon in outlook
  • (fix) Company names with invalid chars (usually from an import) with no library folder set threw an error when filing documents
  • Search edit box in task pane now accepts up to 50 characters (20 was the previous limit)
  • Email templates ordering (new key in web.config "getEMailTemplatesSQL" allows further control)
  • (change) The Save email (and other buttons) are disabled immediately when a new email is selected. Users were not waiting on the context change and could file emails to the previous matching entity.
  • (change) -option added to allow you to view your password in the settings dialog
  • (change) - Office 2019 support
  • (fix) - Some client machines saw high CPU values - fixed applied
  • (fix) - Person bookmarks not showing as marked
  • UPGRADE note - When merging the config file for all the sqldatetime values accept the NEW settings. This will work for all environments going forward and no longer require this to be changed.

UPGRADE NOTES - Make sure that you accept the settings as per below (there should be no need to alter these values now)

   <add key="sqldatetimeformat2" value="yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss"/>
   <add key="sqldatetimeformat2DB" value="yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.sssZ"/>
   <add key="sqldatetimeformatMXAppt" value="yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss" />
   <add key="sqldatetimeformatMXTask" value="yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss" /> RC2 25 Feb 2019

  • Support for Sage CRM 2019 R1
  • (change) When viewing emails in the drafts folder we no longer show the parse sender error and instead treat the folder the same as the sent items.
  • (fix) Mail Merge - Caption codes with an ampersand in them was breaking the merge
  • (change) Mail Merge - Download of the merge data now also has the _raw fields included (this is the code value in the database). This was passed down when merging but not when the merge file was requested (this is what you use to build out any document).
  • (fix) Updated install note on runtime (was saying 4.5.2 but should be 4.6.1) RC12 5th Dec 2018

  • changed from RC10 to RC14 11 Jan 18 - Mail merge client fix for excel merge
  • (change) Outlook client install will set 'DPI compatibility' mode to 'on' when installed (this is required).
  • (new) Client RegistryRepair tool shipped with product and installed in add-in folder (usually "c:\\program files\crm together")
  • (new) Mail Merge - One click buttons and enhanced "Email with attachment" functionality (see
  • (change) - Behaviour change - Closing outlook will automatically log your session out of CRM's web services. Previously we kept the session open for speed purposes.
  • (change) - Behaviour change to appt/tasks - all appt/tasks are pushed to CRM now and you can now edit the webpicker information later to change or assign a company/person

You can now Reset and change the company/person and Save your changes



  • (change) - Outlook install now sets the DPI setting to compatibility mode (as required)
  • (new) - tool to fix the registry when Outlook decides to disable the Outlook add-in 4th Oct 2018

  • (fix) Mail Merge - Excel mail merge, preserve formulas and improved merge
  • (fix) Mail Merge - data conversion bug, entry types 31 (int) were being treated as SSA fields but they might not be
  • (fix) Mail merge - Email document option- Support for custom entities added
  • (change) <add key="DisableCaching" value="Y"/> is set as disabled by default
  • (change) Ability to cope with the lead_description field changing to a select entry type
  • (NEW) Excel merge to line items now possible

First installs on Sage CRM 2018 need to run the following sql code if you don't install the metadata:

   update Custom_Sysparams set Parm_Value = 'N' where parm_name = 'BrowserSecurityEnabled'

The reason is Sage CRM have added a new setting called Browser Session Security which allows you to control whether users can connect to their current Sage CRM session by using the same SID and access URL on a different computer. This option needs to be disabled for several key features to work. Sage CRM Help 24 July 2017

  • (NEW) Mail Merge edits and merges Excel Templates **
  • (fix) Time Zones in Server Code.
  • R2 support (official)

An issue in the build meant that the excel merge change setting is wrong. You need to change the "TemplatesMailMergeSQL" setting in the web.config to be as follows

   <add key="TemplatesMailMergeSQL" value="select libr_libraryid,Libr_Type, Libr_Category, Libr_FilePath, Libr_FileName, Libr_Note, Libr_Status  from library WITH (NOLOCK) where 
   libr_mergetemplate='Y' AND  Libr_Global = N'Y' AND Libr_CampaignId IS NULL  AND  libr_active = N'Y' and (libr_entity='#EntityName#' or libr_entity is null or libr_entity = ' ' )  
   and libr_deleted is null and (libr_filename like '' OR libr_filename like '%.xl%'  OR libr_filename like '%.csv%') and (libr_private is null or libr_private=N'N') ORDER BY 
   Libr_FileName DESC , Libr_LibraryId DESC" /> 

Known issue - The caching issue has re-occurred so on install please change the setting In the custompages/sagecrmws/web.config

Add in the line

<add key="DisableCaching" value="Y"/>
    • Locked worksheets in Excel are ignored and not merged to. This will include any sheet that has even a single cell locked. 29 May 2018

  • (NEW) button added in clear cache in admin
  • (fix) Caching bug where an error response was cached. If running you can disable the cache

In the custompages/sagecrmws/web.config

Add in the line

<add key="DisableCaching" value="Y"/>
  • Updated Troubleshoot page in online help to archive older issues and workarounds now resolved. 15 May 2018

  • (NEW) Improved support for Phone/Email on NEW company/person screens in Outlook.
  • (fix) Tag searching bug in where only the used tag area is searched. Fix is subject and body is always searched.
  • (NEW)Speed improvement utilizing caching (if customizing screens and lists you turn this off via the web.config)
  • (fix) Filing multiple emails does not mark the emails as filed in outlook 13th March 2018 - Minor fix

  • (NEW) Option to untag email
  • (NEW) Option to tag email body instead of the subject
  • (fix) Embedded images from CRM Email Templates now work properly
  • (fix) When saving email to CRM, it is now possible to add attachments along with attaching the email itself
  • (fix) Attaching Global Documents now uses a customisable SQL query from the Web.Config
  • (fix) Improved error handling
  • (fix) French Sage CRM support change
  • (fix) Calendar quick type fix
  • BrowserX removed from product. See menu.
  • Requires .Net 4.6.1 on the server Jan 15th 2018

  • (NEW) Sage CRM R1 2018 support
  • (fix) Certain characters breaking New Appointments
  • (fix) Improved security Nov 9th 2017 - Minor fix (no need to install metadata again if going from

  • (fix) IIS Autologon, Branding and other minor changes. Aug 22nd 2017 - Minor fix (no need to install metadata again if going from

  • (NEW) Ability to change colors and add custom logo in Outlook Add-in
  • (NEW) Now able to set Bookmarks on the following entities: Company, Cases, Person, Opportunity
  • (NEW) Ability to change colors in MobileX
  • (fix) Searching on Entities does not freeze Outlook
  • (fix) MobileX License not getting picked up Fix
  • (fix) Proper entity not being set when creating New Tasks
  • (fix) Added support for older versions of SSL
  • (fix) Added fix to prevent Outlook disabling the Add-in Jul 24th 2017 - Minor fix (no need to install metadata again if going from

  • (fix) Outlook client - Email Template merge improvement (works where the subject might contain # tags not around a field name) Jun 26th 2017 - Minor changes

  • (fix) Send and File quick function not working if 'File Using Custom Fields' is used.
  • (fix) Check for update now works for 'httpd' urls.
  • (fix) MobileX automatically registers users with a MobileX license, if needed.
  • (fix) Mail Merge Application automatically adds in the description of document in the notes field.
  • (NEW) BrowserX has a new Open Mail button. When viewing an entity, clicking Open Mail button, will open Outlook Email, tag the email, and set the recipient email address all based on the entity being viewed.

---Note: “MAILTO” needs to be associated with Outlook. Go to: Default Programs -> Associate a file type or protocol with a program -> Set Mailto to Outlook)

4.5.6 Jun 14th 2017

  • (NEW) Added option to edit Communication and Document fields before filing to CRM.
  • (NEW) Added option to file Multiple Emails to a certain entity or to each individual entity.
 1. File the selected email (large button on top of Outlook) - Each email is filed against its match
 2. Save Email (button in Outlook side pane) - Each email is filed to the given context
  • (NEW) Added option to Reply All and Tag.
  • (NEW) Outlook Add on now supports multiple Outlook explorers.
  • (NEW) Email Images are now displayed in CRM, if they are selected as attachments while filing.
  • (NEW) Added option to filter search results in BrowserX.
  • (NEW) Reworked Task menu in BrowserX.
  • (NEW) The system now checks that the user is connected to the internet by pinging the crm server. If there is no response the system says it is offline.
  • (NEW) New checkbox to put the system offline manually
  • (fix) License manager fix for auto create
  • (fix) SSA field being clicked hid the scroll bar - workaround added to put it back in
  • (fix) Emails out not showing as emails when viewed in CRM - issue is around exchange users who don't have
  • (fix) Missing field Bord_RecDescriptor in new versions of CRM
  • (NEW) Auto updating will be available from the next release-this can be disabled also - Enabled by default
 <add key="autoupdateOutlookAddin" value="Y"/>
  • (fix) Date/Time popups working now properly in outlook pane (new entity screens)
  • (fix) Custom entity support for webpicker screen
  • (fix) Option to turn on custom Dropdowns in Outlook Addin, in case regular Dropdowns are not working (Outlook update caused this) -
 <add key="customDropdown" value="N"/>
  • (fix) Removed the gray blocks that appeared and fixed up positioning of panels
  • (fix) Parse search window resolution issue fixed
  • (NEW) Mail Merge - Added Prompt to confirm Saving Document
  • (NEW) Disable Mail Merge date conversions - option to turn off any conversion of any crm date/datetime fields for mail merge
 <add key="DisableMailMergeDateConversions" value="N"/> Mar 7th 2017

  • (NEW) Added option to change file name in Mail Merge Application
  • (NEW) Incorporated IE Toolbar features into Mail Merge Application
  • (NEW) Improved caching in Outlook add on.

4.5.5 Feb 27th 2017 - Maintenance release

  • (fix) Fixed an issue with BrowserX breaking context

4.5.4 Feb 23rd 2017 - Maintenance release

  • (fix) Get template and merge will return information parsed the same as CRM does (ie fields are now translated from raw-raw data still available in dataset with suffice _raw appended to the field name)
  • (fix) First email attachment sometimes went missing due to legacy behaviour in Sage CRM
  • (fix) Parse search window size adjusted
  • (fix) BrowserX - added 24H or AM/PM Time Format Selector in Settings, various minor small changes (icon change, user name order)

4.5.3 2017 (31st January)

  • (NEW)Sage CRM R1 2017 support
  • (NEW)BrowserX - IE Toolbar replacement
  • (NEW)Mail Merge App - allows client side mail merge and also ability to create a new file based on a previous one.
  • (fix) for calendar push issue when clients sync'd mobiles
  • (NEW) MobileX user management screens

4.5.2 Sept 9th 2016 - Maintenance release

  • (change) Support in outlook client for TLS 1.2
  • (change) Removed the temporary ignore function as it was confusing to users
  • (fix) Sending emails with embedded attachments 'sometimes' did not prompt to save.

4.5.1 June 9th 2016 - This is another maintenance release mostly with fixes and minor changes

  • (fix)Parse search-in cases where it finds a company match when we create a new person it does not create for that person
  • (change) Mail merge view setting changed <add key="cases_mailmergeview" value="vSummaryCase"/>
  • (change) Custom entity support. Links from custom entity list now set context
  • (fix) Parsed emails (with no data match in CRM) were being added to the ignore list
  • (fix) Tag parsing in email template code was not using custom values
  • (change) System will not use an Active CRM path unless is has data
  • (change) Web picker will only appear on primary calendar as this is the only calendar that we push data from anyway
  • (fix) (rare issue) Outlook custom entity 'save email' button is not enabled after if we go from a NEW state to view a custom entity
  • (fix) Sticky color disappearing when we do some actions
  • (work-around) embedded images that show no size (bug in outlook API) we now save locally and get the size
  • (change) removed default filters from case and oppos - <add key="cases_CustomListFilter" value=""/>
  • (change) in settings we changed the translations to say CRM Username and CRM Password as users sometimes put in their windows credentials
  • (fix) small files marked (unchecked) as not to be saved were not cleaned up
  • (fix) CRM Address book - Clicking OK now sets the value
  • (change) CRM Address book - grid email column now fills in the space to the right
  • (change) Added in support for subscription licensing (as Sage now offer this for on-premise in some regions)
  • (fix) Send and File not behaving as expected - Only shows a dialog if email save prompt is checked and save mode is manual.
  • (fix) Office 365 distribution lists caused the system to hang sometimes. System will now parse the distribution email address.
  • (change) Emails were always filed against the users territory-in this build on they will be against the company territory (the same default as CRM does). To keep the user territory being used set the setting
   <add key="UseUsersTerritory" value="N"/>

to be

   <add key="UseUsersTerritory" value="Y"/>
  • (fix) - Outlook Tasks to CRM not working as expected
  • (fix) - Translation from English in Notes form for Entity name applied

4.4.5 April 18th 2016 - This is a maintenance release mostly with fixes and minor improvements

  • Speed up Appt/Task screen opening with the web picker integration turned on
  • (fix) - fix for Task CRM data not being set
  • (fix) - removed arrow in Outlook screens as CRM popups not supported in this mode
  • UNC paths for CRM Library support added
  • Speed improvement on Outlook list screens
  • Workaround for Sage CRM bug introduced in v7.3c1 whereby the webpicker was not restricting the about list (oppo/case)
  • (fix) Global documents filter not working
  • Added in filter for Email Templates
  • (fix) Rare issue - Some users have incorrect metadata for cases and this results in 404's on the cases ASPX pages in Outlook
  • (fix) Minor issue - Global documents attached to emails can have number appended to the file attached
  • (fix) In New emails any CRM context is not being used without tagging (previous versions did use it so we are reverting to this)
  • Email body is now used to parse out any tags in the email body as well as the subject (subject being used first)-system does not insert tags into the body however
  • Note: Embedded image sizes in emails being sent is 0 according to Outlook - We now default to check these zero files to be saved (outlook issue work-around)
  • Notes dialog Control Box (X in the right hand corner) now is the same as the Cancel option on the form
  • Resize main pane now resizes grids to fill space
  • (fix) improved parsing of recipient emails for exchange/office 365
  • The system will now add any email address with no match (after the system searches on person/company/kead) to be ignored for that outlook session - this is so that the system does not keep querying CRM and to improve performance
  • (fix) Quotes screen had the wrong style sheet
  • (fix) Navigation on Orders and Quotes summary screen back to the orders/quotes list screen was broken
  • (fix) IE toolbar disabled options ignored on second log on
  • Note: You cannot use the ampersand '&' character or '%' character in a password when using Accelerator. This is due to a bug in the Sage CRM web-service API


  • IE Toolbar - Default for S button changed to open in current IE session/tab - Previously it would open in a new window
  • (fix) - Outlook appointments and tasks created from drop-down menu does not always set the company/person in CRM.
  • Behavior change - When "Outlook Save Mode"=manual and "Email Save Prompt" is checked the "Send and File" button will prompt
  • Behavior change - Outlook contacts list will no longer be cached on the client and will request the list every-time it is opened.
  • Server Install - uses new IIS code (IIS 6 compatibility tools no longer needed) to create application and assign app pool.

4.4 - 2nd Feb 2016 - Primary change is new UI

  • Modern UI change
  • Outlook - search defaults. Now the first item in the SearchEntities setting is the default option
             <add key="SearchEntities" value="Cases,Company,Person,Lead,Opportunity"/>
  • (fix) - outlook same window reply mode causes issue
  • New Option - Auto open side bar if email is tagged (off by default)-client side option
  • New Option - Auto open new menus on mouse over (off by default)-client side option
  • Parse search to use CC'd people also
  • Highlight when a tag has been used - yellow line appear on top of display
  • Highlight when a sticky is set - blue line appear on top of display
  • Attach Global documents from outlook mail pane
  • Select attachments to save (previously the system would just save all)
  • Save Attachment filter on size - allows you to auto check depending on the file size and so reduce saving signature images
  • Icons for 7.3 updated in CRM screens
  • Speed if filing of emails
  • Silent install now also requires switch /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES
      SetupAcceleratorOutlookAddin.exe IISAutoLogon=N / /silent /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES

4.3.2 - 28th Oct 2015 - Primary changes for IIS Auto Logon sites

  • NEW Server config option 'UseIISAutoLogon'

E.G to turn on

 <add key="UseIISAutoLogon" value="Y" />
  • NEW Server config options 'UseIISAutoLogonGlobalPassword' and 'IISAutoLogonGlobalPassword'

E.G Flag to use a global password set here in the settings=typically with IIS auto logon the password is blank in CRM though

   <add key="UseIISAutoLogonGlobalPassword" value="Y"/>
   <add key="IISAutoLogonGlobalPassword" value=""/>
  • New option on silent install 'IISAutoLogon=Y'


   SetupAcceleratorOutlookAddin.exe IISAutoLogon=Y / /silent
  • Note: With IIS Auto Logon All users in the system should have their password set to blank
     update users set user_password = NULL


  • (fix -from RC2)-Attachments with a plus + sign in them were saving with the wrong name (ie the name without the + in it) and this broke the links. There is also a component available on request to compare the library with the file system and an option to fix these by making copies of the file with the correct name.
  • Extra translations added in - metadata part of install required to be run to get these

4.3.0 - 12th August 2015 - Available from the customer365 portal

  • NEW LICENSING !! If you are upgrading you need to apply for a new license
  • New config option - RespectTerrOnEmailSearch - this affects email matching as it will use the CRM security and only search on the primary email address/Set value to Y to turn on - off otherwise
      <add key="RespectTerrOnEmailSearch" value="N"/>
  • Optional custom ordering for the item listing (Cases,opportunity, communication and person lists)
  • New config option - Optional way of customising the tagging so different companies with Accelerator dont clash on tags
      <add key="tagPrefixSuffix" value="Ref:#,#" />
  • Parse the email from the body instead of the matching email - Allows processing of website emails with leads coming from the same internal email address
  • Disable Mail Merge date conversions - option to turn off any conversion of any crm date/datetime fields for mail merge - set value to Y to turn on
      <add key="DisableMailMergeDateConversions" value="N"/>
  • (fix)Webpicker freed script error - When selecting a company and searching on a person when we get one result an error was shown. All javascript errors on this screen suppressed
  • Back button on NEW Entity screens now available
  • Sage CRM 7.3 full support added (7.1 and 7.2 still supported) - Metadata re-install required for upgrades
  • Metadata installer auto detects if entities are used (prior to this the user was asked)
  • (fix)-improved speed of email merge from email templates
  • Outlook add on install prompts to install for All Users or just current user
  • File Email dialog now allows subject to be edited
  • File Email dialog now has option to file attachments to and with email
  • Sticky button - New feature that turns off the change event and allows you to manage a record and mails without having to tag and re-find
  • Hyperlink from comms list - works only when IE is open and CRM logged into
  • History button added to Details tab in outlook
  • Outlook add in install renamed to SetupAcceleratorOutlookAddin.exe
  • IE add in install renamed to SetupAcceleratorIEAddin.exe
  • Outlook silent (unattended) install option
 EG from command line
 SetupAcceleratorOutlookAddin.exe / /silent
  • IE silent (unattended) install option
 EG from command line
 SetupAcceleratorIEAddin.exe /silent
  • New option to ignore certain domains (comma separated) - global setting - result is that the change event does not trigger for these domains and not search is done on CRM
       <add key="TotalIgnoreDomains" value=",," />
  • Grid colors changed to reflect new CRM colours
  • Outlook - Grids will now display all fields set in the options (instead of just the first one)
  • Outlook - Added in Context (Key) info to NEW screens to allow scripting "GetContextInfo" to work
  • Outlook (fix) - Ability to set/create the CRM details in an existing meeting without having to change Outlook details
  • Server install merge ability of web.config file(s) using KDiff. With the server install now we ship KDiff and now the final step of an install/upgrade is to compare any settings changed previously so you can compare and merge into your new web.config. Previously you would have to do this manually after the upgrade (if there were changes).

4.2.2 - Jan 15 (Release Date - January 15th 2015)


  • Customise people list screen (see Outlook_Customization for details]
  • Improved phone number parsing (see Phone number parsing for details)
  • Option to prompt for password if incorrect (see Accelerator_User_Settings for details)
  • Option to control time that errors are displayed (default is 3 seconds)
  • Option to control time before system searches CRM for details (default is 2 seconds)
  • (fix) Date/Datetime fields now working from outlook screens
  • (fix) IE protected mode download merge data option fixed
  • (fix) Backspace issue resolved in outlook screens
  • (fix) Saving attachment with "Make subject save default" checked is not setting the notes to be the subject
  • (fix) tagging not working for subject with single hash in it
  • Codes added to error messages
  • New simpler setup for Outlook add in
  • (fix) Outlook-On validation error details populated from email being overwritten.
  • (fix) Sage 200 integration SQL update

4.2.0 - Oct 2014


  • (fix) IE Protected mode changes for Merge and vCard download
  • Save as Sent added back into system (Outlook needs to be restarted for this to take affect)
  • comp_librarydir set if blank
  • (fix)Old Appt/Task update breaking link
  • (fix)Outlook to CRM webpicker mode fix
  • (fix)“Make subject save default” not working for mails being sent
  • Ability to view people list from company
  • Improved navigation
  • (fix) SQL errors in log file
  • Mail Merge Naming Behavior - file name now used
  • Install Messages for .Net 4.0 requirement
  • (fix)CRM7.2 display issues
  • Improved custom entity support ie IE toolbar (up to 9 now possible)
  • Outlook - removed Save as Template option
  • Outlook - case creation has option for tracking now (setting case_CreateTrackingNote)
  • Save buttons hides when clicked from Outlook
  • Mail Merge character fixes
  • (fix)IE toolbar - My team (deleted users being used and not filtered out)
  • (fix)IE toolbar, edit document via crm grays out bar
  • Extended User License list in admin area
  • IE toolbar search result count defaults to 10 now

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