Shared Documents

From Accelerator for SageCRM

This screen is available from the new Email window.

Click on the "Shared Documents" to how the screen

The SQL can be configured via the web.config

   SQL used to get the documents list for the user
   #languagefilter# is used to filter based on users language
   <add key="GlobalDocumentsSQL" value="select libr_libraryid,Libr_Type, Libr_Category, 

Libr_FilePath, Libr_FileName, Libr_Note, Libr_Status from library where libr_active='Y' and libr_deleted is null and libr_global='Y' and (libr_language is null or libr_language = '#languagefilter#')

and libr_status='Final' and Libr_Mergetemplate='N' and
Libr_Type !='TargetListExport' and libr_filename not like '%.csv%'"/>