AC 300 Tech Notes

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The Data displayed is a snap shot of some of the Sage 300 data. This snapshot is updated with any changes on a scheduled basis. The system we use for this is our "Data Islands" product. So if you are a USA company the data is only stored in the USA and the api's are also USA based. Canadian companies data is stored and transmited only in CANADA.

Prospects created, Emails saved (data and attachments) and Call notes are all stored in Islands (tables) in the cloud and imported to the local SQL server where you can report on this data using your reporting tool of choice.

Each user gets a Data Islands account and this controls accesss to the Data Region (database). All users can see each others data.


How does it work?

  • Only the data needed is pushed/exported to the cloud using our Data Islands system. This means that the Sage 300 server does NOT have to be open to the internet.

How is the system installed?

  • On the clients server We install the Data Islands system, create an account there and run our scripts on the DB. The script is run once a day (or more) to put data updates up into the Data Island Cloud
  • The Outlook Add-in is installed via an office 365 manifest. The plan is to have this available on the office app store.

Can you see the emails and call notes filed in Accelerator against a customer/Vendor etc?

  • Yes you can via the "Touchpoints" tab (available in every entity)

Are email attachments filed in Accelerator?

  • Yes they are. When you click the "Vew Email" button you will see this. Clicking on the attachment downloads it.

Are the emails and call notes filed in Accelerator viewable at a system level or only the user who filed them?

  • All users can view the data. Users have a Data Islands account which allows control over who has access or not.

Can you see the emails filed in Accelerator against a customer within Sage 300?

  • No. Right now there is no feature to allow this. The "Prospects", "Email" and "Call notes" data be be pulled/imported into a local database or accessed via the Data Islands web app or REST API.

Is Sage CRM required?

  • No, this is totally seperate

Can I extend the system (EG adding in custom fields, tabs)?

  • No, Version 1 does not allow this but we intend allowing this in future.

Do I have to buy from a partner or can I purchase directly?

Ideally we want partners selling our software but we can sell direct where the partner perhaps does not want to resell or be involved. If the partner is an established partner of ours we will defer back to them.