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Accelerator Lite Edition

This edition of Accelerator (AC) has no server side install and only requires the AC Lite Client and a Sage CRM component required to allow email attachments be uploaded.

Details on the functionality are detailed here

One key thing is that the "admin" logon account is FREE on every Sage CRM install.

So you can try it out without buying.

To get the software go to our customer portal at

and logon or register. You need to be in our Sage CRM system to register so contact us at

to get set up.

Once you log in you will see a "Downloads" folder.

.....image here

1. Opens the url (linked above) explaining the features of AC Lite.

2. Downloads the AC Lite Outlook Client Installation.

  This is a wizard and you follow the installation instructions which include closing outlook before you run this. 

3. Downloads the Sage CRM AC Lite component required for email attachments to be saved to be installed via Sage CRM's admin area.

  It also exposes the Users table (this is required for paid seats). 
  You can test the Outlook client outlook client without attachments being saved if you prefer to do this before uploading the component. 
  Open Sage CRM and log in as an admin user and install the component. No need for a metadata refresh.

Sage CRM Requirements


Once done open Outlook