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Accelerator Lite Edition

This edition of Accelerator (AC) has no server side install and only requires the AC Lite Client.

View a comparison sheet at AC Pro Vs AC Lite here]

  • Note that Accelerator Lite is only recommended for simple non-heavily customised systems as the screens cannot be customised. It is mainly to allow you file emails against an entity.

A Sage CRM component install is required to allow email attachments be uploaded.

Classic Outlook for Windows is required also

Sage CRM versions supported are 2021 R1 or later

Details on the functionality are detailed here

One key thing is that the "admin" logon account is FREE on every Sage CRM install.


To get the software go to our customer portal - Customer 365

and logon or register. You need to be in our Sage CRM system to register so contact us to get set up.

Once you log in you will see a "Downloads" folder.

1. Opens the url (linked above) explaining the features of AC Lite.

2. Download the AC Lite Outlook Client Installation.

  This is a wizard and you follow the installation instructions which include closing outlook before you run this. 

3. One time only -- Download the Sage CRM AC Lite component required for email attachments to be saved to be installed via Sage CRM's admin area.

  It also exposes the Users table (this is required for paid seats). 
  You can test the Outlook client outlook client without attachments being saved if you prefer to do this before uploading the component. 
  Open Sage CRM and log in as an admin user and install the component. No need for a metadata refresh.

Sage CRM Requirements

a. WebServices are enabled


b. Users have access to web services


c. Quick search works


d. Dashboard works (as we use the Sage CRM REST API)

e. Users emails are set up in Sage CRM against their CRM user.

f. There are no required (or Readonly) fields against the communication/comm_link tables within CRM at the entity level.

g. There are no required (or Readonly) fields against the Library (Documents) tables within CRM at the entity level.

In newer versions of Sage CRM you can check these from within the Sage CRM application itself.

Once the outlook client is installed open Outlook.

You may see two prompts to allow installation of the add-ins (technically there are 2). Click Accept to finish the install.

The first time loading, the app will prompt you to set up a connection to your Sage CRM instance. You can do this in here or later in the task pane.

Set up your FREE admin connection'

a. Click the get started button

b. Click the + button

c. Enter in your CRM url in the format "" or "" (https and http are supported)

d. Enter in your work email address

e. Click "Free Admin Logon" - this fills in the the logon field (set to admin and is readonly)

f. Put in your admin logon password

g. Click "Connect"

If doing this from the dialog close the window.

AC Lite will then appear in the outlook ribbon

Select an email and click the Accelerator toggle button to open the task pane.

The email from will be used to search for a match in CRM and will display this if found.

You can also manually search for a company/person/lead/opportunity or case and file an email from the task pane File Email button.

License Management

Licenses are managed via our Partner/Customer Portal

When someone tries to log on the system checks if they have a license and if not checks if they have permission and assigns a license automatically.

To remove licenses log in to the portal and select your products from the "Your Products" menu item.

You will see all products.

1. Shows the product

2. Shows when the subscription is due to expire

Click on the appropriate ACLite license

1. Shows the product

2. Shows the license type

3. Shows the max number of seats allowed

4. Shows the users email domains (these should only match what users have in CRM)

5. Shows the registered licenses

6. Button to remove a license as and when required

Purchase more Licenses

The Admin User is free access for Accelerator Lite for Sage CRM.

To get a quote or place an order click here and fill this in.

Please note:

  • There is no support provided with Accelerator Lite license purchases. A support package can be purchased if required *

As the software is dependent on the Sage CRM Rest API, connection issues will most likely be related to the CRM REST API, please engage with your Sage Business Partner to resolve.


1. Attachments not being saved.

 a. Make sure you uploaded the component (download from the Customer 365 portal). 
 b. Reload the CRM metadata
 c. Restart the Apache Tomcat service after doing this. We need to do this as the component exposes the "Users" table which is used to verify the users license

2. Large images in email preventing them from being saved.

Within the CRM application in IIS select the "ASP" module and expand the "Limits Properties" node and update the values

 a. Maximum Requesting Entityt Body Limit = 2147483647
 b. Response Buffering Limit = 2147483647

Here is a video showing you how to trouble shoot AC Lite issues. AC Lite uses the Sage CRM REST API's and this video shows you how to see those being made and to help you trouble shoot your Sage CRM.

Troubleshoot Accelerator Lite (Outlook) Integration for Sage CRM

Communications/Documents - Required fields at table level

If you have any fields required at the table level this wil prevent Emails from being saved.

When Communications(emails) and Library(attachments) records are saved certain default (hard coded) values are set. Some of these default values are based on selection lists so if they have been altered this will affect if/how the value is displayed.

  • Communications (none of these fields should be set to READONLY)
 Comm_priority: "Normal"
 Comm_Status: "Complete"
 Comm_Action: "EmailIn"
 Comm_Type: "Task"
  • NOTE: Really for Emails (in/out) they should be set as "Email" and not "Task" but the CRM REST API does not allow this currently
  • Library (none of these fields should be set to READONLY)
 libr_type: "EmailAttachment"
 libr_status: "Final"
 libr_active: "Y"

Data displayed in Tabs (Opportunity/Case/etc) lists within the context of an Entity (not the search) are ordered as follows

  • Opportunity: order by oppo_createddate desc
  • Cases: order by case_createddate desc
  • Person: order by pers_lastname asc
  • Communications: order by comm_createddate desc

Quick Find/Search not working

If you find that the Entity search is not working you may need to fix a corrupt index as per Sage's own documentation

'Rebuilding the Quick Find index'