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User Management

1. Click "Accelerator Plus"

2. Option to add a new user

3. Option to remove a user

When you click option 2 (Add User) you fill in the user screen


You can test and configure the system via the Config page

1. Click "Config"

2. Click "Test your Accelerator Plus Configuration"

3. You see the task pane

Tab Customisations

Custom pages in Accelerator tabs will only show files with "_acplus" in the name

For example


There are 2 reasons for this

1. As users do not lot into AC Plus as a CRM user there is no SID value so you need to account for that

2. You may not want AC Plus users to see certain pages.

We do ship some '_acplus' sample files in 'CustomPages/SageCRMWS/ac2020/' but note that our SageCRM.js include files cope with CRM Auth and AC Plus Auth.