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The system will automatically assign a license (assuming one is available) to a Sage CRM user if there is one free.

Manual User Management

  1. The Accelerator users are listed here.
  2. Delete any users not needed by clicking on 'delete user'
  3. There is a button on the right hand side of the screen called "Add Accelerator User"
  4. Click on this button.
  5. Select a User from user select
  6. Click "Save" (Note that this will enable the users webservice access in CRM also)
  7. When the license number has been exceeded the "Add Accelerator User" button no longer appears.
  • CRM Users must have web-service access set to True in CRM for the outlook integration (only set by Accelerator when users are set up via manual user management)

Active Directory Integration

Sage's own web-services do NOT use the active directory logon information/authentication.

As Accelerator uses the CRM web services API to log on to CRM and get a valid session for the user you have to maintain and use the password stored in CRM (and not the users Active directory password).

Accelerator User Activity

Some companies may wish to audit the use of Accelerator to establish how many users are actively using it on a daily basis, the following are flags that could be used

1. Accelerator uses CRM’s webservices to log into CRM so where you see - WebServices - Browser: ie / Version: 600 these would be Accelerator sessions.

2. Emails are stored in the communications table and a field


has a value set when created by Accelerator.

3. Other items like logging a call and tasks created from Accelerator don’t have a flag but you can query on the actions (PhoneIn/PhoneOut) and see how many have been created.

We also don’t have a flag for entities created but could you use a combination of the - WebServices - Browser: ie / Version: 600 And queries on the other data to see peoples activity in CRM in general.