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Upgrading to 5.1?

The files for the previous version and the word merge are installed in the "...\WWWRoot\js\custom" folder here are 2 files


Delete these files and restart IIS or recycle the CRM app pool.

The new file is called ct_init.js

Reply in outlook from a CRM communication (in CRM)

The mail merge client tool must be installed on each clients machine for this to work.

The server install is as follows:

1. Outlookbuttonsx.jpg

To see the buttons above you need to install the js file "ct_sendWithOutlook.js"

Get this from from your CRM server folder

2. Ctsendwithoutlook.jpg

Copy to the CRM wwwroot/custom/js file

3. Ctsendwithoutlook2.jpg

Restart IIS or recycle your CRM app pool to see the buttons (in image 1)

When you click on the button you may be prompted to use the mail merge app

Click okay to continue.

An Outlook email in compose mode will be opened with the content of the communication as if you replied to an email.

4. Ctsendwithoutlook3.jpg

Version 5.0 and earlier

The Email button


will run a "mailto:" link that has the email address and the tag for the given context that it is in.

Version 5.0 and Earlier

The files for this and the word merge are installed in the "...\WWWRoot\js\custom" folder


C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM\WWWRoot\js\custom

There are 2 files


CRM's app pool (or IIS) must be restarted for these to be used and downloaded

To remove these button delete the "ct_browserx.*" files from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM\WWWRoot\js\custom"