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March 2022 - 23 March 2022


Module Versions

    • Webapp - Version
    • Server API - Version
    • Outlook - Version


  • Numbers show in dot
  • Date fields shown with more info (Day or week, how long ago)
  • Large text fields are not downloaded in full (to speed up app) and have a readmore or load option (for emails)
  • Filters added for company person list and communications
  • Ordering fixes on fields
  • Sales and Cases lists changed and filter added (using the whereclause)
  • Display record count on search icon
  • Show workflow state (section) if there is one
  • Build your own screen using ASP
  • New Task screen updated to allow you assign to multiple people
  • SageChangesNoTLS api replaced with SageChanges so that table scripts are triggered

Server API - Full upgrade

  • Added Custom content support in screens
  • Dates display difference between the value and now
  • Conditional tabs support added
  • Server side validation
  • New option to have the company email match search use the full email (ideal if lots of customers use gmail for example) add in option to the web.config <add key="companyfullmatch" value="Y" />
  • Ability to extend the entity options menu added in


  • Improved webview handling when edge decides to dispose of the object.
  • Optional install for all users (for terminal services deployments).
  • Improved logging

365 url -

17 Feb 2022

Outlook version updated to - We have NOT flagged an auto update for existing clients. This release is to help address the "Private Network Access" CORS issue that came about due to a chromium 98 update.

For more information on this see our blog

07 Feb 2022

Over air updates/changes (version

  • Fix for when a non-standard port is used

31 Jan 2022

Over air updates/changes (version

  • Fix for when a user does not have a primary team assigned

14 Dec 2021 Mail Merge update (app version to allow install for "All users". - 3 Nov 2021

Module Versions

    • Outlook - Version
    • Webapp - Version
    • Server API - Version

Over air updates/changes

  • Showing more context content in Dialogs (so you will see a persons company for example)
  • Send only button shows when linked to send set (requires outlook update or later)
  • Required fields flagged with red star
  • External links on communications in lists
  • German translation for Phone in/out updated
  • Active oppos/cases sql change to remove year filter

Full install update also available with fix for locked down systems

  • Only use this if your system is locked down. Open web.config and add in
 <add key="lockedsystem" value="Y" />

6th Oct 2021 - Server and client over the air update only There have been a few updates since 4th Oct

  • To install go to Administration -> CRM Together and click the download button
  • Server API version is
    • Fixes for dates, datetimes in new entity screens and mutli-select fields
    • Fix for default filters on person oppo and cases not being applied
  • App version is
    • Bookmarks sorting issue

27th Sept 2021 - Outlook client update (version

  • changed how we store the url setting as office updates were resetting the settings file. This is now stored in the windows registry.
  • Added longer timeout to edge runtime for slower older machines.

13th August 2021 - live url updates only (local install update to come)

  • Web App (version will be
    • Better error handling when SID is invalid
    • FIX - Outlook theme not being retained
    • Showing errors on screen in a custom ERROR modal
    • FIX - Email templates caching context bug fix
    • Improved reporting of CORs Issues with mixed content warning
    • FIX - local cache size limitation added in
  • Outlook update - users will be prompted to update this within Outlook (version will be
    • Installer (all new installs) even if run by an administrator will install to the AppData folder
    • Installer Warning to not run install using "Run as administrator"
    • Fix for some mailboxes/stores breaking the add in - 23 August 2021

  • Check the Administration-> CRM Together page to apply these updates
    • Fix - MAC support issue with dialogs
    • Fix - Email Parsing on a tagged email was not working
    • Fix - theme persistance
    • Tabs more compact
    • Screen changing UX improved
    • Dark mode added to app themes
  • Outlook update - users will be prompted to update this within Outlook (version will be
    • FIX - Edge runtime issue
  • Download and install required of SageCRMAccelerator_Setup5005 to apply these updates
    • Installer now updates IIS max size - Previously you had to set this manually - 9 August 2021

  • Check the Administration-> CRM Together page to apply these updates
    • Support for Quotes and Orders summary screens/search added
    • Fix for 365 new add in Support *a number of issues fixed here for windows/MAC clients)
    • Fix for Theme retention issue on dialogs
    • Fix for Email Templates caching context
    • First time running a dialog will now appear to get the user started
    • Fix - Progress tables now getting a record set as per CRM
    • Multi-workflow support added. On New screens if workflow is enabled on the entity there is a "Workflow" section and the end user can pick the workflow to use. This removes the need to configure the web.config file.
    • Errors now no longer kick the user to the login screen. We show a dialog instead.
    • The Edge Runtime is installed as part of our Outlook install and update - 19 July 2021

  • Check the Administration-> CRM Together page to apply these updates
    • Fix for Email Templates screen error
    • Fix for search list pagination
    • Fix for logging in without opening taskpane
    • Ability to add in Extra screens - Create new screens in the format



This allows you to split the screen up into sections so you can show financial data in its own section for example

  • Download and install required of SageCRMAccelerator_Setup5003RC3 to apply these updates
    • Fix for not showing Outlook client download for non-SSL installs - 9 July 2021 - The major change here is the ability to self-host the Accelerator web application.

Keeping the locally hosted app up to date is also be possible from within the CRM Together pages in the admin area.

To get all the changes and fixes below you will need to update the Server side. The Accelerator Web App will be updated online and no action is required. For the outlook client update users will be prompted to download and install the update.

  • Outlook Client
    • Version:
    • Fix for subject not being picked up if its the last thing edited in an outlook compose window and you click send.
    • Fix for error appearing around email addresses
    • ERROR button appears if there is an issue in the app thats not visable
    • Improved start up time so app should be disabled less by outlook
    • known issue - Prompt and Send - When you edit the subject the edited version is not being used.
  • Accelerator Web App
    • App Version:
    • Added in "--None--" option on selects
    • Compose window Tag Search fixed
    • Extended Lists no longer showing empty values
    • Multi-Selects fixed
    • Pagination added to all areas
    • Sorting in Lists added in
    • Person lists default to filter out Inactive people
    • List filters added. When viewing a company's opportunities you can filter and also edit the fields by creating an entity screen in the format ENTITYOfficeIntFilter and adding fields to it. Only SELECT and Text fields are supported now.
    • Customising Top Content in summary screens
    • Customising Search see
    • Fix: Search and dedupe using apostrope fix
    • Fix: NewEntityDefault was not being used
    • New Theme Added
    • Fix: File email Screen layout change for long TO/CC etc lists
    • Support for http for internal app hosting on http
    • In login screen url is readonly - must be changed in settings
    • Form Validation on other fields - only on text inputs previously
    • Connection Name limited to 20 characters
    • Password Encryption in localstorage
    • Footer Responsiveness
    • Reset button to wipe all connections and reset the app to an initial state
    • Add more than one connection
    • Auto-compelete turned off
    • 365 integration - main explorer window now has a button instead of having to click the vertical elipses.
  • Config
    • For Sage CRM external links you can optionally use the web-service SID by creating the following setting in the web.config "securityoff" with exact value "true". You also need to disable IP Address Checking and Browser security.


 <add key="securityoff" value="true"/>
    • Support for http for internal app hosting on http (THIS REQUIRES A FULL UPGRADE if you have or earlier)

--When installed the url for the client will be in the form


and to use this you must update the "Client App Url" and replace "" with your path (based on the above) - RC16 10 May 2021 -

    • New outlook client using chromium browser - requires Edge runtime be installed and may require a system reboot
    • Client apps downloaded from
    • Auto updates now in outlook and mail merge clients
    • Mail Merge client install no longer requires admin privileges to install
    • Main Web App updates
  • 1. Email Templates -preview and context
  • 2. Shared documents - preview
  • 3. Person icon changed
  • 4. Theme picker tightened up
  • 5. Language picker
  • 6. Pagination on search lists
  • 7. New Task screen - context added in
  • 8. Version number added in
    • 365 API Support - v1
  • 1. Must be installed from our manifest (see
  • 2. No compose (new email window) support yet - taskpane only
  • 3. Tagging not supported yet
  • 4. History dialog not supported yet
    • Issues -
  • 1. Tagging issue fixed
  • 2. Speed - caching added in for some screens