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Handling the Accelerator add-in being disabled.

Dec 2022 - see for information on the new SUPPORT APP BOT to automate monitoring and reenabling of the addin.

  1. Click File within Outlook to see this screen
  2. Click the “Slow and Disabled add-ins button”
  3. Expand options under “CRM Together Outlook App Container”
  4. Check “Always enable” or “Do not monitor for …”
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click close

Error #532 PART I

Please check the logs and send to support or upload to portal

Error #532 PART II - UploadFile

Within the CRM application in IIS select the "ASP" module and expand the "Limits Properties" node and update the values

a. Maximum Requesting Entityt Body Limit = 2147483647
b. Response Buffering Limit = 2147483647

This issue can also show the message

  Execution of the ASP page caused the Response Buffer to exceed its configured limit

Outlook app v

If Outlook is crashing/closing randomly it could be a 0 byte file in the sentqueue causing this

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to


replacing WINDOWSUSERNAME with your own windows user name.

If you see a file in here with size 0 bytes delete this and restart outlook (you may need to re-enable the add-in also).

Add-in clashes

Some clients may have multiple local outlook add-ins installed and this can from time to time result in a clash with the Accelerator Add-in.

We usually see this with the outlook social connector though no always.

To resolve this you should try disabling any addins that you think might be an issue. It can be trial and error to figure this out.

There is an example on how to do this.

1. Within outlook go to File-Options and this dialog will open

Click 1, and in 2 you can see in this example the Outlook social connector. Click 3 to open the dialog.

Uncheck the option and click ok and close all dialogs and restart outlook.

You may need to re-enable the "CRM Together Outlook App Container" also.

Cannot log in.

This could be down to the msxml4 missing

With detailed errors enabled this may show as

 msxml4.dll error 'c00ce23b'
 WINHTTP5.DLL or higher must be registered to use the ServerXMLHTTP object.
 /crm/custompages/sagecrmws/ac2020/configReader.js, line 20

in the EDGE console

Download the installer to the CRM server from

and run this. A server reboot may be required.

Intermittant log on issues

Symptoms: User cannot log in but later they can.

This is usually a network issue where the external url sometimes will not resolve correctly from on the server.

The workaround for this is to set the CRMCodedPath to a local path (not the external url)


 <add key="CRMCodedPath" value="http://yourserver/crm/" /> 

Entity options has strange fields.

A few releases got out with the test data in the "custompages/sagecrmws/ac2020/_custom.json"

To fix this open the file in edit mode and update the content to only have

"getscreensetup": {"options": []  }

Save this, clear the Accelerator cache (5.2.x.x has this option) and when users log on again or restart outlook the items will be gone.

403 errors

If you see a 403 error in the outlook client this is caused by the "Default Document" setting in IIS being disabled.

1. Make sure index.html is first in the list

2. Click "Enable" tio turn on.

Reload the page to check the change worked.

Multiple Outlook Display Issues

Try setting Optimise for compatibility

Also ensure all monitors in use are at the recommended display resolution

Outlook crash - getMailItemFromId

In the windows error log this looks like the fillowing

  • Fix for this coming out April 2023

Work-around - Clear the sent queue folder

Open folder


Where USERNAME is the windows users logon


If your users have to keep logging into CRM(Accelerator) then you may need to adjust the IIS settings to stop it recycling and killing the CRM process.

Origional Source URL:

The IIS has default settings for Timeout and Recycling, which are used for the following reasons: Timeout: One way to conserve system resources is to configure idle time-out settings for the worker processes in an application pool. When these settings are configured, a worker process will shut down after a specified period of inactivity. The default value for idle time-out is 20 minutes. Idle time-out can be helpful in the following situations:

   The server has a heavy processing load.
   Specific worker processes are consistently idle.
   No new processing space is available.

Recycling: Worker process isolation mode offers process recycling, in which IIS automatically refreshes Web applications by restarting their worker processes. Process recycling keeps problematic applications running smoothly, and is an especially effective solution in cases where it is not possible to modify the application code. However, these functionalities might cause some problems, such as scheduled email reports which are inconsistently not sent. In order to cancel IIS Timeout and recycling, follow these steps:

   Cancel Idle Time-out:
       Go into the IIS Manager
       Click on Application Pools (on the left)
       Right click on sisense application 
       Select "Set Application Pool Defaults..."
       Change the value of "Idle Time-out (minutes)" from 20 to 0
       Click "ok"
   Cancel IIS Recycling :
       Go into the IIS Manager
       Click on Application Pools (on the left)
       Right click on sisense application
       Select "Recycling..."
       Uncheck "Regular time intervals (in minutes)" 
       Click next
       Click finish
   Restart the IIS

Issue: Taskpane is white

We are assuming you already reviewed the checklist

Fix: 1. Uninstall the CRM Together outlook add-in

2. Uninstall the edge runtime EG

3. Install the CRM Together outlook add-in (this also installs the edge runtime)

4. Open outlook and check its working

500 Error

Config Error

 Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'add' with unique key attribute 'name' set to 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'

This can happen if someone added in a header setting in IIS above our SageCRMWS web.config file.

So we need to go onto the crm server and fix this by removing the headers

1. The Accelerator folder

2. HTTP Reponse headers section

3. The headers values

4. and 5. The possible locations that the headers have been set to cause the issue.

You man need to manually edit the "SageCRMWS/web.config" file to do this. They are located at the bottom of the file.

Remove the lines and save to fix. Do this and test.

REMEMBER to always back up your files before updating

Manual upgrade of API Version

If your system is locked down you may not see any of the over the air API updates.

The best thing to do it allow your system to access

In the event you cannot do this you would need to manually update the system.

To do this

a. Open a browser and url

b. Then you need to download each zip file by constructing the url


Do this for all zip files

c. Back up your folder


d. Extract "" to the



e. Extract "" to the



f. Extract "" to the



g. Extract "" to the



Issue: Grey box in dialog or taskpane

Cause: Adding a second monitor can cause this.

Resolution: Restart Outlook to resolve

With systems being more and more locked down we have seen our license update check in the app be blocked. However its not blocked and causing a crash (which we handle) but instead sending back wrong content. The error will show as "Length cannot be zero"



To turn off the license check change

   <add key="stoplicensecheck" value="N" />


   <add key="stoplicensecheck" value="Y" />

No need to restart IIS etc. Just refresh the page.