User Checklist

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A checklist to be used when a user cannot log on to Accelerator 5.0

1. User is allowed log on to CRM via CRM's web services (Allow WebService Access:True)

  Navigate to the users details (Administration -> Users -> Users) and view the users details and check that the
  "Allow WebService Access" setting is set to true


2. Accelerator license check.

  Navigate to "Administration -> CRM Together -> Accelerator"
  From that screen check that the user is in the user list

3. That the path to the app is correct. see

4. You cannot use the ampersand '&' character or '%' character in a password when using Accelerator (this is due to a web-service bug in Sage CRM).

    • Other strange characters may also be unsupported-remove all to test

5. Download the latest Outlook add-in

 Outlook add-in