AC 300 Guide

From Accelerator for SageCRM

At this point we assume

1. your Server module is installed and

2. you have the Outlook client installed

3. and your connection configured

These steps have all been covered in this help system.

1. Home screen

2. Home screen - Overdue

3. Email Matching

When you select an email the system will try match this with an ARCustomer, APVendor, Invoice and Order based on the email address.

If a match is found the details will show.

4. Prospects

If Email Matching fails the user is promopted to create a "Prospect" entity.

This is not a Sage 300 entity and this data can be exported out of the system to be used also.

5. Search

A manual search can also be done and emails filed against those also.

6. Filing emails

Clicking the "Save Email" button shows the dialog and the user enters reviews and clicks Save

7. Logging calls

Clicking the "Log Call" button shows the dialog and the user enters their details and clicks Save

8. Touchpoints

Filed emails and logged calls are saved as touchpoints

Each Entity has a touchpoint tab

9. ARCustomer and other entity views

Each entity as a summary screen.

- AR Customer summary

- AR Customer details (more sensitive detials)

- Invoice summary

Each Entity has a number of tabs allowing you to drill down into the data