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The server side components of the install are completed via the install wizard. All users should be out of CRM before running the install. Follow the wizard through and re-start IIS or re-load metadata.

If you have a license before installing you can enter this when installing.

If you need to manually update your license the following method is available.

Manual Install of License The license for the Accelerator Platform is stored in the "../CustomPages/SageCRMWS/web.config" file.

This file can be edited via any text editor.

The Key value is shown as follows:

   <add key="SageCRMAcceleratorLicense" value="NEYSu1WEtFsjkfreSknrbiYhmvO2Wq+3wBEGGAhhOEw="/>

The default license is for one (1) user for trial purposes only and is not included in any purchase.

From 4.3 the licensing has changed and the default license is

   <add key="SageCRMAcceleratorLicense" value="RRpvWW2H7F/TP1x+8JPom6YvLHXTdmVcRW8wVKenpcY="/>


Installing the Office add-on tools

To install on Citrix you must log on the users as domain admins, run the install once them remove the user as domain admin.

Common install issues

1. Configuration error - Unrecognized attribute "requestValidationMode".


Issue is that the wrong version of .Net is against the CRM application pool in IIS

Set the apppool as follows:


  • If the .Net 4.0 version is not available in the selection you need to install this version of the framework.