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When an email is selected and there is no "match" for it.

 See link Section Email Matching: for details

The system will try parse the email and populate certain fields. Not all emails contain sufficient or correct data.

For example if there is no match then the "New Company" screen is displayed.

 Sample email
 Dear Alex,
   We would like to order some stock. Can you call me?
 Alex Wright
 Acme Inc
 Ph: +353 1 422 8999
 Fax: +353 1 422 8666

Accelerator would parse this as follows


Extracts "acmeinc" from Email ""


See Phone number parsing

The parsing of the persons name would depend on the "SenderName" property within the email header being set correctly. The company name is taken from the domain part of the email address.

It is of the utmost importance for the end user to verify all data before saving to CRM. We do not warrant that the information is correct.

  • Postal addresses are *NOT* parsed from emails (any new person within a company will have the default company address inserted from the CRM data and not from the email)

You can change the default entity to be created with the following setting


<add key="NewEntityDefault" value="Company"/>

You might want to do this to make Leads the default