Outlook Customization

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1. Customize the company screen

The screen "companyofficeint" is readonly so you can change the view that is used on the screen (you cannot do this with screen "companyofficeintnew")

Edit the screen properties and set the view to be "vsummaryCompany"


Refresh the Metadata

Edit the screen fields and add/remove the fields as normal in CRM


With screen "companyofficeintnew" you can add/remove company fields only.

2. Customise the Person List


From version 4.2.2 (Jan 2015) you can customise the person list screen


The screen is titled "ctPersonListScreen" and if you set the associated view to be vSummaryPerson you can add in phone number and email details

  • by default we just display the first and last name

3. Customize Communication and Document Fields before filing Email

4. If you are not using Territories you can speed up searches by adding in entity_selectsql and having it only return named fields needed.


 select pers_personid, pers_lastname, pers_firstname, comp_name from vsummaryperson where ( ((rtrim(pers_firstname) + ' ' +rtrim(pers_lastname)) like '#searchsql#%') or pers_lastname like '#searchsql#%' or pers_firstname like '#searchsql#%') and pers_deleted is null