Outlook Lists

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Lists are displayed behind the menu (image)buttons

EG Oppo list


  • clicking on the entity icon will bring you into the summary for that entity

Default list length is 20

The Lists are filtered based on the context. For example with opportunity lists if you are in a company context then the "oppo_primarycompanyid" is used to filter. If you are on a person however "oppo_primarypersonid" is used (and so only displays opportunities for that person and not for the company).

Settings for customisation

- List Length - The max number of items to show in the listing view

 <add key="opportunity_ListLength" value="20"/>

- Custom filter (option to add in a custom filter - used to hide closed or lost oppos for example)

 <add key="opportunity_CustomListFilter" value=""/>

- Custom ordering for the listing

  <add key="opportunity_ListOrder" value="order by oppo_updateddate desc"/>

- The view used to query the data

 <add key="opportunity_summaryview" value="vCRMTogetherOpportunity"/>