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Within the main search results tab you can now search for an entity or use your bookmarks.

This allows you to save any email against any existing record. This is useful in the case where a colleague is assisting on an item and you wish to save the email against a customer. Typically if you do this it is recommended that you then tag the email.


To view the record from the grid just double click on the line item. This will then open the "Details" tab and show you the entity page.

Example on searching for an entity, tagging and filing an email

Select the Entity to search on (Lead in this example)


Type in some search criteria and click Go


Double click on the lead in the list


This displays the lead. Tag the email (optionally)


Save the email then as required.


All values in "entity_listfields" will display in the grid now.

-you must also set the "entity_DataTableFields" also


 <add key="company_DataTableFields" value="comp_name,comp_website"/>
  • Pre Jun 2015 (v 4.3)

If you wish to customise the column that appears in the list (say to show a Sage 300 link field) the instructions are as follows:

In the web.config file (in custompages/sagecrmws)

You need to add in the following (bold text) to the company_selectsql key

<add key="company_selectsql" value="select (rtrim(comp_name) + ' '+rtrim(isnull(comp_somefieldname,))) as 'Company',* from vCompany where comp_name like '#searchsql#%' and comp_deleted is null"/>

In your case change the 'comp_somefieldname' to be the field you want displayed with the name

And company_listfields key

<add key="company_listfields" value="Company,Comp_WebSite"/>


               <add key="company_DataTableFields" value="comp_name,comp_website"/>

Users may need to restart Outlook.

The downside here though is that the CRM security is no longer used in this search. This may or may not be an issue depending on the implementation.

You can control the default search entity with the web.config setting. For example to change from company to person find the key

 <add key="NewEntities" value="Company, Person,Lead,Cases,Opportunity"/>

Change to be

 <add key="NewEntities" value="Person,Company,Lead,Cases,Opportunity"/>

Restart outlook (you may need to delete the local cache first) and then the first item in the list (Person in our example) is then the default on the search.

You can affect how the search works by altering the "entity_sql"

Example using company_sql we added in

    or addr_postcode='#searchsql#
   <add key="company_table" value="company,vSummaryCompany"/>
   <add key="company_sql" value="comp_name like '%25#searchsql#%' or comp_emailaddress like '%25#searchsql#%' or addr_postcode='#searchsql#' "/>

we can search on any field found in vSummaryCompany