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If you have been using the "Classic" Outlook client there are some things to know before you upgrade.

  • CRM Together will support both the classic and new clients for the next year which will be July 2022.
  • The new client requires SSL for full feature support (http is available though from the version hosted on your server). If using the SSL version this means that your CRM URL must be using "https". Most browsers now really push this and as security is becoming a bigger issue by the day we think all our customers and partners should get this to secure their data in transit. Please check out our blog on this on our website Securing your Sage CRM
  • The new client does not have a complex settings tab. This simplifies the setup making it easier for end-users to use.
  • IIS Autologin is not supported in the new client, there are no plans to support this.
  • For the Outlook 365 support, Microsoft, requires that SSL is used.
  • Appointments must be linked to be sent to CRM. This is related to user privacy. When sending an email the Accelerator buttons must be used so the user must make a conscious decision to file to CRM.
  • Outlook Tasks are no longer linked to CRM from Accelerator. The Sage CRM exchange tool must be used for this.
  • CRM Together hosts the core application which is a web application so can be updated at any time. The outlook client updates are easier to roll out and users will see a message when a client update is available. Users do not need admin permission to install the add-in or updates. However as of version you have the option to self-host the client application and this is also auto-updated via the UI updates (see next item).
  • Minor server updates will be available to apply via the CRM UI making it easier for changes to be rolled out.
  • The new client has a fresh new look and feel with a completely rewritten software base. The UI is not quite identical to the Sage CRM interface and is modelled more on the Outlook experience.

New features and changes:

A. Appointments must be linked to CRM

B. Shared Documents can be previewed before attaching to an email

C. Email templates can be previewed before selected for use

D. Email Context Search returns all matches (person, company, lead)

E. A new visual and list-based Pipeline is available for opportunities and cases (custom pipelines can be exposed e.g. ERP data

F. UI controls have been extended to include a choice of themes and font sizes

G. libr_note is not set to the email content on attachments

Features removed.

a. Save attachment only

b. IIS Autologon support

c. Automatic open of task pane when an email contains a tag

d. Phone screen does not display phone numbers (they are all in the task pane)

e. Tags always go at the end of the email body now (the subject is not an option)

f. Outlook Task linking

g. Autosave of incoming email

h. Autosave of tagged emails

i. Address Management

Scripting support is also limited (as it was before).

Support list

  • screen CustomContent
  • CreateScript items - caption, required,value,readonly

The install process is to download the software for a fresh install, full details at https://accelerator.crmtogether.com/index.php?title=Accelerator_Install

We "suggest" that your CRM db have Clustered indexes created on

1. comp_name (Company table)

2. emai_emailaddress (Email table)

3. lead_personemail (Lead table)

4. pers_firstname, pers_lastname (Person table)

ID fields should have unique non-clustered indexes.

Other indexes would depend on how your set up your search to work.